Urban excess

There's a certain violent excess imposed by living in Metro Manila. Maybe that's why I still feel uneasy residing on a quiet island like Oahu. I cannot pinpoint if its the street lamps lacking in Hawaii, or I'm just used to bustling city lights. Maybe I'm still not used to hearing birds in the morning. … Continue reading Urban excess

On science as a career

*Started drafting this during the most exhausting stage of my PhD. Two months later, I am well rested so I have the clarity to edit and eventually publish this reflection. If someone would ask me what the pros and cons of a scientific career are, these would be my answers: Advantages                                                       Flexible and you own … Continue reading On science as a career

Honest mornings

In these spaces, he is happy In this arc, I am waiting. Close the door, traitor. I am looking for a map, or maybe a pastime I remember your shoulders. Your navel speaks to me, impossibly curved, beautifully written Look, the weight of this water What’s wrong with them? 
Maybe it will ignite, maybe it … Continue reading Honest mornings

I will gladly, cautiously take ambitious

I presented my dissertation proposal (aka 3-year plan, more or less, *fingers crossed*) several days ago as a preparation for my comprehensive examination in November. The 'right of passage' from a Ph.D. student to becoming a Ph.D. candidate. The general commentary is that it's good, though very ambitious in scope. It worries my committee. Remarks … Continue reading I will gladly, cautiously take ambitious