Urban excess

There’s a certain violent excess imposed by living in Metro Manila. Maybe that’s why I still feel uneasy residing on a quiet island like Oahu. I cannot pinpoint if its the street lamps lacking in Hawaii, or I’m just used to bustling city lights. Maybe I’m still not used to hearing birds in the morning. Maybe, I’m not used to seeing mountains within the horizon. What’s familiar is a collage of roofs, streets filled with people, tricycles, and jeepneys. Maybe it’s the oversaturation of senses brought about by ads and signages everywhere vs. here I’m left with my thoughts whenever I decide to go out for a walk. I used to be always on my feet; pickpocketing is just around the corner. Now, I can allow my mind to meander. Cars will stop whenever I cross. Despite all of that, in a city, with all its precariousness and excesses, almost unliveable for an average working-class, people in Metro Manila still create spaces for survival. Maybe I simultaneously grieve for our people and celebrate their resistance

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