Weaving of myth and science: virus as aswang

For this year’s grad student presentation, I tried something different. This is my attempt to weave, or at least use Philippine myth and folklore as a framework to explain our study on the plankton-virus infection.

The inspiration comes from a lot of sources. Much of my thinking is currently influenced by listening to Ocean Vuong and J. Neil Garcia (added links to some of my favorite talks). When I first visited Hawaiʻi, I was also inspired by the people researching Hawaiian myth and folklore and trying to trace its empirical origins. Most of my friends in the dorm are not from natural sciences, so I benefited most from our conversations about life, arts, humanities, literature, everything under the sun really.  Lastly, our political climate, there is reemergence of anti-science rhetoric, and I thought scientists ought to explore different approaches in storytelling.

I hope you find this insightful! Let me know what you think. 🙂

#sciencecommunication #oceanography #myth #aswang #philippines

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