Reorientation 2020

1. More room for allowing. Not to stress in grad school. Most of the time, you are doing your best and you will know if you are being sloppy or lazy. When your hard work does not pay off, it doesn’t reflect your self-worth. Let it be. Just do honest work.

2. More time to read fiction. Be honest about what interests you.  Allow your reading to meander outside of science, as always.

3. Write poems or essays.

4. Seek avenues to pursue performance art.

5. Exercise. Please. 

6. Gain meaningful friendship outside of grad school

7. Strengthen political knowledge, try to engage in policy, one way or another. 

8. Read science journals more faithfully and habitually.

9. Be more assertive, take up space, still, be polite and compassionate.

10. Learn history deeply.

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