I am alienated by proms
I am alienated by masculine-feminine dancing in pairs
Straight teeth, skin unscathed as porcelain
I am alienated by your purchasing power
Driving along a highway, wind brushing against the windows
Your disregard of spending, of tomorrow, of class dynamics, of unburden spaces
I am alienated by your rather fault-finding inquiry
I am incapable of steering the wheels; I am entirely aware
The world taught me to become the master of my boat
But they fail to see who drafted me, what skin trained me

I am free now
But my feet still buried on the ground
To that, I thank the universe; I see those around me
I am longing to be with them
With them, alongside them, I am not withdrawn
You see, I am alienated by your rather unapologetic myopic world views
I lay down flowers, still, because we are all learning,
But allow me to be alienated
Allow me to become free and still talk about wounds

Screen Shot 2019-08-31 at 11.46.54 AM

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