Motivation for the blog

First blog post. Yey!

I created this blog days before my MS Thesis Defense. I could hear someone saying “daming time!” Productive procrastination, I would say. I am planning to do this ever since I enter grad school. I needed a platform to practice my writing skills which is extremely important in my chosen career. And I’m far from being a decent one.

On top of that, I think everyone has a story to share. No one is fundamentally boring. In fact, I’m fascinated how first impressions are always wrong. Talk to people, listen and you will be surprise.  I’m also hoping that through writing I would know myself better.

Finally, as I create more spaces and words, you will soon know that I have high hopes for science and for the Philippines. So this blog is for me to share my endless optimism for science and for the country, despite.

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